Our Approach & Process

1st Line Financial, LLC is a boutique wealth and financial management firm.  We are dedicated to competently and ethically guiding our clients towards their financial goals.  It all starts with the construction of a financial plan that is unique and special to you.  Financial planning is an evolving process and not a singular event, and over time your plan will grow in clarity, purpose, and meaning.  Additionally, we want to simplify the financial lives of our clients by managing their investments and helping them build portfolios that have been constructed to specifically achieve their personal goals.  It all works cohesively together!  Lastly, we want to do this work with a well-balanced approach between living fully today and planning intelligently for tomorrow.  Here is our process:

  • Introductory Meeting - when making such an important decision only a face-to-face meeting will do (or ZOOM meeting) - after all, you are entrusting us with your future. 
  • Discovery meeting - we listen to your “story” and help clarify and prioritize those things you wish to most achieve in life.
  • Plan Development - your 1st Line team analyzes and begins strategizing specifically to your personal goals.  There is no one-size-fits-all.
  • Plan Presentation - We meet to review plan results and recommendations.
  • Implementation & Ongoing Management
    • Investment Reviews including portfolio re-weighting/tax management/asset allocation and corresponding trade proposals
    • Investment Portfolio Performance monitoring
    • Annual Financial Plan reviews including “stress testing” to ensure exposure to various risks are understood and managed.



Your time is a most precious commodity…

If after reviewing this website you feel that we might be a good fit for your needs, please contact us to discuss your situation and schedule an initial, no obligation “Introductory” meeting.

There is no cost to you at this stage as you try to discern our abilities and develop confidence in us.  At the conclusion of the introductory meeting, you will know if 1st Line Financial is the best choice to partner with in securing your financial future.  This time we spend together will arm you with the information you need to make a sound decision.  It could be life changing.

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