1st Line Financial, along with its partner Bay Financial Associates, is one of New England’s pre-eminent financial advisory firms.

Our mission

To give clients greater clarity concerning their financial future, resulting in smarter decision making today; all while providing timely, open and honest communication, relevant education, and seamless proactive service that will consistently exceed our client’s expectations.


What sets us apart...

Our team is built of leaders and innovative thinkers; financial professionals, not only deep in knowledge and experience but blessed with empathy.  This skillset results in the deepest client relationships, rich in compassion and purpose - unique among today’s current Wall Street mentality.  With our proven expertise and client attentiveness, it's no wonder that relationships with our clients often last across generations.


... and brings us together

We are independent financial professionals and hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard.  Our only commitment is to you, our client. We have no obligations to product manufacturers, marketing organizations or home offices, so we are able to remain objective. Our sole focus is serving our clients, and we always act in your best interest.  Our team provides independent financial planning and investment advice, based on a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances and personal financial goals.  

Our Team

Our Thinking