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Recession Watch Dashboard – Updated First Quarter 2018

Blockchain Ecosystems: An Investment Opportunity

Blockchain technology is hailed by many as the next generation of the internet, or Internet 2.0. The technology is rapidly evolving, with the possibility of far-reaching implications across many sectors and industries. This evolution is forcing business leaders and strategists in every industry to investigate the possible applications of this disruptive technology, or risk being blindsided by competition that successfully adapts. Global digitalization through the development of the internet has changed the way we live our lives. The internet began with the sharing of information between two localized computers and has evolved to include email, the World Wide Web (“Web”), the mobile Web, social media, cloud computing, big data, and now voice-activated virtual assistants (e.g., Alexa) that sit in kitchens and living rooms across the globe. Digitalization has been instrumental in increasing the exchange of information, creating and storing information, and reducing costs. It has also lowered barriers to entry for businesses and spawned entirely new industries.

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Thought Leadership: Blockchain Ecosystems – May 2018

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Midyear Outlook 2018

The LPL Research Midyear Outlook 2018: The Plot Thickens presents guidance on how the return of the business cycle may unfold during the remainder of 2018 and beyond, along with the investment insights to help investors navigate the twists and turns.

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