About Us

Our Mission

To give clients greater clarity concerning their financial future, resulting in smarter decision making today; all while providing timely, open and honest communication, relevant education, and seamless proactive service that will consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

At 1st Line Financial LLC, we care about people and their plans for the future. Our job is to help our clients, their families and their businesses meet their long-term financial goals by helping to protect, grow, manage and ultimately, effectively transfer their wealth. Costs matter. Taxes matter. Most importantly, your dreams matter.

Business Owners and Executives

We have particular expertise in serving business owners & executives, as they seek to provide employee/executive benefits that will not only attract and retain key employees but also help them work towards improving their own financial future. We strive to help you maximize tax advantages and ultimately exit your business and protect your wealth. We can help you structure and manage employee compensation and benefits programs, including qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation and others.

Our Focus and Philosophy

Our initial focus is on personal financial planning – we customize our approach to each client, helping them develop a carefully crafted financial plan that can meet their objectives and, in many cases, save them and their heirs from incurring avoidable taxes and other costs.

Additionally, 1st Line is committed to meeting the investment management needs of our clients – preserving their capital, managing risk, and delivering strong long-term investment returns over differing economic and market cycles.

Our success in developing lasting client relationships is founded on shared values, a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals, and a keen desire to earn their trust and confidence. At 1st Line, we care about people and their plans for the future.

Bay Financial Associates, led by John Kerr and Joe Donovan, has been providing financial advice and services since 1951. Our Partnership with Bay Financial Associates allows us, when needed, to bring together a team of professional advisors on your behalf that have knowledge outside 1st Line’s area of expertise, such as specialists in Elder Care planning, Special Needs planning, and sophisticated life insurance strategies. Working collaboratively, these niche practitioners help us develop an integrated strategy that considers your unique and sophisticated financial planning objectives, your priorities and your values.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team is built of leaders and innovative thinkers; financial professionals, not only deep in knowledge and experience but blessed with empathy. This skillset results in the deepest client relationships, rich in compassion and purpose – valued attributes among today’s current Wall Street mentality. With our proven expertise and client attentiveness, it’s no wonder that relationships with our clients often last across generations.

Your Goals Come 1st

We are independent financial advisors and hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard. Our primary commitment is to you, our client. We have no obligations to product manufacturers, marketing organizations or home offices that may lead to conflicts of interest. Our primary focus is serving you, and we act in your best interest at all times. We provide objective financial planning and investment advice, based on a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances and personal financial goals.